Services provided by the transport company

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In the modern world, trade relations between entrepreneurs and foreign producers are at the peak of activity. Every day, a huge number of products are imported through airports, ports, railway stations: from clothing and cosmetics, to heavy industrial equipment. And it is precisely the quality services provided by the transport company that can facilitate the process of importing and exporting goods.

What should be the services of a reliable transport company?

A reliable transporter must have an excellent reputation in the transportation market. This is an important indicator. The services provided by a good transport company must be comprehensive. It’s good if the carrier can load and unload your goods. Also, a large number of unpleasant moments can occur when clearing your cargo at the border. Incorrect documentation can not only increase the delivery time, due to the delay of products at customs, but also entail administrative fines.


Product insurance is important, especially if you need to transport expensive or fragile products. The services of the transport company should also include the organization of turnkey delivery. This type of transportation means carrying out a set of actions to transport the goods, without your participation in the process. At the same time, you can be sure that your cargo will be delivered in a timely manner and to the place you indicate, even before the door of your house or office, does not matter.

Types of services

Today, the word “freight” means not only the transport of goods or passengers itself, but any other operation that is not part of the transport process, but is related to its preparation and direct implementation. The services include:

  • transportation of passengers and goods;
  • loading and unloading operations;
  • storage of any cargo;
  • preparation of a truck;
  • provision of a truck on rental or rental terms;
  • delivery of new trucks or repaired ones;
  • transport expeditionary services.

The main transport service of companies is, of course, freight transportation. As a rule, this service is accompanied by other services such as loading, unloading, forwarding, etc. Additional transport services include information, commercial, marketing and insurance services. Choose a proven transport company if you want to get the cargo in integrity.